Talented Miramichiers in the Gilded Age By Thomas W. Creaghan

Thu, 12/31/2015 - 10:53 -- SandraBunting
gilded age, New York, department stores, Leadville, lumber, Canada, Ireland, Douglastown, Bathurst
Now available in ebook, soft cover and hard cover at: http://www.friesenpress.com/bookstore/title/119734000015727168/Thomas-W-Creaghan-Talented-Miramichiers-in-the-Gilded-Age


I had the opportunity of editing this book for the author, Thomas W Creaghan. Against a backdrop of history in Canada and the United States, Mr. Creaghan tells a story of several brothers who left their home in the rural east coast of Canada and became successful in politics, department stores and mining. It also deals with the lucrative lumber trade in eastern Canada. Apart from the story itself, readers are exposed to the events of the fascinating 'gilded age' in which great fortunes were made and lost. The book explores ambition, the love and support of family and it does not shy away from scandal. This great read available at:


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