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Sun, 01/17/2016 - 14:48 -- SandraBunting
From Amazon: The optimism of the early sixties, infused with the excitement of the space race and the menace of the Cold War, is filtered through the rich imagination of high-spirited, eight-year-old Madeleine, who welcomes her family's posting to a quiet Air Force base near the Canadian border. Secure in the love of her beautiful mother, she is unaware that her father, Jack, is caught up in a web of secrets. When a very local murder intersects with global forces, Jack must decide where his loyalties lie, and Madeleine will be forced to learn a lesson about the ambiguity o fhuman morality -- one she will only begin to understand when she carries her quest for the truth, and the killer, into adulthood twenty years later.

The Boarding School (from TV Series (2007-2010). 7 seasons. 71 episodes. The action takes place in an isolated boarding school located in the middle of a forest, The Black Lagoon'. Some of the students, teachers and service personnel of the school hide a past with riddles that, little by little, will emerge to the surface. Jacinta is the housekeeper and true soul of a school, a woman of strong character but of great heart. Hector is the director of the centre, an idealistic teacher who is convinced that education can help change the world. Other characters are Elsa, head of studies who likes discipline and does not want anyone to meddle in his past, and Maria, the new cleaning woman who arrived at the school after escaping from a psychiatric institution. Among the inmates are Marcos and his sister Paula who have just lost their parents, Carolina, Vicky, Ivan, Julia are among other school adolescents. They all have in common the living marked by loneliness and emotional deprivation. [b]and[/b] [b]Granite Flats (2013– )[/b] (from Somethings is not right. In the small, quintessentially American town of Granite Flats, Colorado, the Cold War rumbles underneath the lives of the locals. Three unlikely young heroes form their own private detective agency, but the implications of what they’re investigating are actually bigger and more serious than anyone realizes. In season one, an unidentified object (later known to be a Soviet spy satellite) fell from the sky in a fiery blaze, turning the town into a place of secrets and fear. The chief of police and a special agent from the FBI ferreted out a KGB spy hiding in their midst. A nurse at the VA Hospital learned that her boss oversaw mysterious testing done as part of the CIA’s top secret Project MKUltra to develop mind-control as a weapon against the Soviets. In the middle of it all, the kid detectives gained insight into the complicated political world that became the backdrop to their own coming-of-age experiences. The second season followed the three kid sleuths as they uncovered dangerous evidence, while the chief of police and the FBI continued to investigate the fallen satellite. An eccentric new English teacher, Professor Stanfield Hargraves, captivated the kids’ attention as he taught William Shakespeare’s Hamlet from an Oxfordian perspective, emphasizing the themes of a secret murder, false identities, and a divided heart — all of which resonated not only with the students, but with their parents as well. The arrival of the head of the CIA’s counterintelligence program in Granite Flats rattled some residents, tested old friendships, and created new alliances. In season three, friendships and loyalties continue to be challenged, everyone has a secret, and nothing is what it seems to be. The trio of kid sleuths has disbanded their detective agency as they mature and their relationships begin to evolve. The chief of police and the FBI are still working together to expose covert government operations and spies. Long-lost family members re-surface in Granite Flats, further disrupting the lives of the residents of the town and forcing many to face up to past indiscretions. As the Cold War escalates and the country confronts enormous national and global challenges – including the assassination of President Kennedy – the tale of Granite Flats unfolds through the perspectives of an ensemble of diverse and multi-generational characters.


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